Your Course Curriculum

New Resources & Pre-Work Will Be Uploaded Before Each Session

  • 1

    Overview: The WRK/360 Working Parent Program

    • Overview of the WRK/360 Working Parent Program
    • PRE-WORK: Complete the Onboarding Survey
  • 2

    Module 1: Owning Your Identity As A Working Parent

    • RESOURCES: Identity Of A Working Parent: Watch This First
    • RESOURCES: Identity Of A Working Parent - What's Changed?
    • RESOURCES: Identity of A Working Parent - Priorities & Goals
    • PRE-WORK: Week One Articles To Support The Session
    • SHORT CUT: We Read For You! Overview of Article One: The Pressure Is Real For Working Moms
    • SHORT CUT: We Read For You! Overview of Article Two: Alexis Ohanian Paternity Leave Was Crucial After The Birth Of My Child...
    • RESOURCES: What Is Secret Parenting?
    • PRE-WORK: Determine Your Working Parent Identity
  • 3

    Module 2: Breadsharing & Building a Career Strategy for Your Family

    • RESOURCE: Breadsharing, Communication & Family Dynamic - Watch This First
    • RESOURCE: What Is Breadsharing?
    • RESOURCE: Critical Communication For Working Parents
    • EXERCISE: Critical Communication Questions for Working Parents
    • RESOURCE: What Is Your Family Dynamic?
    • EXERCISE: Create Your Family's Career Strategy
    • READING: Week 2 Articles - Breadsharing & Family Dynamic
    • READING: Week 2 Articles - Women Did Everything Right & Then Work Got Greedy
    • WE READ FOR YOU: FORBES: For Millennial Moms, Success At Work Is Tied To Dads Giving Up Breadwinner Status
    • WE READ FOR YOU: HBR: Two Income Couples Need A Long Term Career Strategy
    • WE READ FOR YOU: NYT: Women Did Everything Right, Then Work Got Greedy
  • 4

    Module 3: Making Work 'Work': Communicating Across Leaders/Teams/Peers

    • RESOURCES: Making Work, Work Overview
    • PRE-WORK_Module 3 Articles: Making Work 'Work'
    • EDUCATION: Understanding The Parental Wall & Motherhood Bias at Work
    • RESOURCES: Making Work Work Part 1 - Knowing What You Need
    • RESOURCES: Making Work Work, Part 2 - Having The Conversation With Your Manager
    • EXERCISE: Asking Your Manager For Flexibility
    • RESOURCES: Communicating Across Your Team & Among Peers
    • RESOURCES: Modeling At Work As A Leader
    • We Read For You: Forbes - Asking For A Flexible Work Schedule
    • We Read For You: BBC- Is It A Mistake To Talk About Kids At Work
    • We Read For You: BBC- Bumble CEO Rethinks Policies For Working Parents
  • 5

    Module 4: The Second Shift: Building Your Village & The Mental Load

    • RESOURCES: The Second Shift Overview
    • RESOURCES: The Second Shift & The Mental Load
    • PRE-WORK: Module 4 Articles_The Mental Load
    • RESOURCES: Understanding "All The Things"
    • RESOURCES: Building Your Village
    • RESOURCES: Routines & Including Your Village
    • RESOURCES: Managing the Breakdowns
    • EXERCISE: Splitting Up "All The Things"
    • We read for you! Comic by Emma "You Should've Asked"
    • We read for you! Eve Rodsky: I Asked A Stranger About Emotional Labor—Here’s What He Said
    • We read for you! NYTimes: What 'Good' Dads Get Away With
  • 6

    Module 5: Self Care As A Working Parent

    • RESOURCES: Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First - Overview
    • RESOURCES: What is Self-Care (and the Problem with Work-Life Integration)
    • RESOURCES: Understanding Burnout
    • PRE-WORK: Module 5 Reading_Managing Burnout & Self-Care
    • Checklist: Is Burnout Around the Corner?
    • RESOURCES: Understanding Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
    • RESOURCES: Does the Guilt Ever Go Away?
    • RESOURCES: Steps Toward More Self-Care
    • EXERCISE: Create Your Self Care Plan!
    • We read for You! NYTimes Parenting: How to Avoid Burnout When You Have Little Ones
    • We read for you! NYTimes Parenting: Saying 'No' Is Self-Care for Parents
    • We read for you! Thrive Global: Creating Healthy Habits with a Big Idea That's Too Small to Fail
  • 7

    Module 6: The Pull: Growing & Advocating for Your Career As A Parent

    • OVERVIEW: Advocating For Your Career As A Working Parent
    • PRE-WORK_Module 6 Articles_Being a Parent Makes You Better at Work
    • RESOURCES: Parenting Makes You A Better Leader
    • RESOURCES: Avoid This: The Most Common Pitfall Of Work & Parenting
    • EXERCISE - Advocating For Your Career
    • RESOURCES: Communication Is the Key
    • RESOURCES: Putting It All Together
    • EXERCISE - Putting It All Together! Your Ultimate Checklist For the Working Parent Program
    • We Read For You: Slate - Fatherhood Makes You Better At Work (Brain Science!)
    • We Read For You: HR News - Parenting Makes You Better At Work
    • We Read For You: Quartz At Work - Common Dual Career Pitfalls
  • 8


    • Final Closing Questionnaire
  • 9

    RESOURCES: Working Parent Tips

    • Tips on Splitting the Mental Load with Your Partner
    • Tips on Emergency Planning with Baby
    • Tips on Breastfeeding and Traveling for Work
    • Tips on Asking for Flexibility
    • Tips for Working While Pregnant
    • Tips for a Stress Free Morning with Kids
    • Tips for Handling Work & Family When Everyone is Sick